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Are you a student or an early career researcher within 5 years of having completed your degree? Are you interested in participating in activities to promote your research and learn about the research of your Bayesian peers? Join j-ISBA!

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The j-ISBA Blog is a new initiative aimed at sharing experiences and interesting materials, exchanging ideas about Bayesian research, and providing useful information on conferences, academic calls, and other interesting events happening in our Bayesian world and departments.

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We have been very active in the recent years in exploring and promoting novel occasions to foster the enthusiasm of our section members, encourage their dialogue, and stimulate their creativity. Check out the past and upcoming events organized or endorsed by j-ISBA.

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Who are the j-ISBA board members and what do they do in their life? A list with the past board members is also available in our official webpage here. See also our bylaws here. Consider joining our board in the future! Contact us if you are interested.